Episode 00 – No County for Old Men

Chris forgot the dongle so Matt talked with an echo.  Chris found a boat that comes with a yeti.  (A cooler not a microphone).  Matt talked about JC Penney.

Chris found a Yeti for the Podcast
Chris found a Yeti for the Podcast

Credit for Intro/Outro goes to Justin Mahar and “Grind” used under Creative Commons. Cheers mate.


chris: …I feel your idea of the opening topic probably being Randolph County history for 15 seconds, or 30 seconds, just immediatley launching into something else and never getting back to the history. We could do that for all 100 counties of North Carolina?

matt: Oh, I like that.

chris: So then it’s something different every time. But it’s a theme you just don’t much time on it

matt: Yeh. It would hurt more people, so I’m in favor of that. Well, actually I say that….but it’s really a celebration.

chris: I’m selling myself on this idea because one of the things about the Randolph County one is that…and I assume this applies to Wikipedia and could make it kinda humorous. If you’re on the really big, really popular Wikipedia pages like for Hillary Clinton or World Cup Team that is this year. Those pages are constantly getting loaded and edited and reviewed, so theres no way that you can make some goofy comment on there that could last longer than 3 minutes.

matt: No, you’d get sued.

chris: Or some person would come along and say ‘Hillary Clinton does not have 3 chins, I’m gonna change that – she only has 1 chin.’

matt: Those editors weild their power, yes.

chris: So I imagine that’s not the case for some of these less visited pages like The Counties in North Carolina.

matt: Absolutely.

chris: So we could kinda discover humorous things that people left in Wikipedia.

matt: I think you’re totally right man. We found a topic we can own because no one cares about it. And thats what you gotta do.

chris: I like it.

matt: I like it too. You got any title ideas?

chris: Other than County Boys, no.

matt: County Boys?

chris: The topics, I’m reluctant to talk about those because I don’t have the headset hooked up and I don’t think it’s going to be an ideal recording.

matt: Gotcha.

chris: But I am talking into this $300 Blue Yeti microphone that I just picked up.

matt: Are you serious?

chris: No.

matt: Man, I’ve wanted that f***in thing since I saw the word Yeti.

chris: I don’t understand it. So they sell microphones and coolers? But you’ve got to be able to buy those things second hand for cheap right?

matt: Yeh. It’s pretty cool

chris: Well it looks like, according to Craigslist, you can spend $90 for a Blue Yeti Blackout microphone or you can spend $36,500 on a 2013 Tidewater….with a warenty.

matt: Holy…o h my God. What was that?

chris: That happens to be a boat.

matt: That’s a boat.

chris: I’m curious why they have Yeti in the…ok, oh, there’s a really nice Yeti cooler and a yeti coller slide that comes with the boat. So, I don’t know…you could spend $100 on Amazon or get yourself a boat that comes with a Yeti cooler. Obviously, the podcast would have to start out with ‘I’m on a boat…’

matt: Yeh, it would be recorded presumably on a boat but there’s no proff of that. I personally just feel connected with all the counties, so for me, it’s reaaly exciting,

chris: Yeh, you truly are a County Boy, Matt.

matt: Yeh, oh man. And I’m thinking of all the various things that could go along with it…I’m still more on the historical angle here…but I’m just talking out loud…the sesqui-sesqui-centennials. And the various parades and honoring the county history and the interesting chronology. County seats…and each county has a courthouse. Day to day life of the settlers and Quakers. Trucks throughout the various decades. Things like that.

chris: When the first Bojangles opened in that county.

matt: I think everyone’s familiar with that history. It’s been bespoken throughout my family

chris: I can remember when the …well, I was trying to say that I could remembere when the first Bojangles opened in Thomasville. Thomasville of course is not a county…

matt: It’s not. Nor is it a county seat.

chris: Damn you. Well, I feel like we’ve got some good ideas here that we can work through when I actually have the headset…when I buy this $36,000 boat that comes with a yeti…we can record semi-professionally.

matt: I did have some ideas about…well, let’s say we were courting a …because we obviously have inventory

chris: That’s right, I completely forgot…JC Penney.

matt: JC Penneys, Randolph County mall, Asheboro, North Carolina. Best deals. $14.99 Stafford travel easy care broadcloth dress shirt. Join our e-club. JC Penneys, Randolph County Mall. When it fits, you feel it.

chris: what…

matt: That’s their slogan. I don’t know…I didn’t…I mean, it makes me….I know what you’re…when it fits….you feel it. That’s some subtle s**t right there. And I don’t care if it means they are just going to send us 4 gift cards in the mail.

chris: That would be pretty tight.

matt: Yeh, they have quality products at JC Penneys. When it fits you feel….Randolph County Mall…40% off Arizona toddlers and preschooler’s apparel. $12.99 Carters little layet. Join our e-club. But…I had some alcohol.

chris: Yeh, well that’s a good picker upper.

matt: Yeh, that made me put on the facade that I need to.

chris: I had Oreos.

matt: That works too. I might should go with some sugar. JC Penneys buy one get one 50% off men’s underwear or socks from Stafford, Hanes, Addidas, Rico, Nike, and Dockers.

chris: I have to ask – does JC Penneys sell Oreos or alcohol?

matt: JC Penneys is the only true vendor of all products. 40-50% off juniors dresses and By-and-By apparel.

chris: I mean, how many counties in North Carolina have a JC Penneys?

matt: I don’t know, but if we can get a piece of the action of bringing it to the people. Or if they can somehow fund this. We could just have the camera on our pants. In fact I like that a lot.

chris: I do not like the idea of a podcast where the camera is focused on our pants.

matt: It’s pants. It’s not shorts.

chris: I am still against an idea of a camera focused on your pants Matt.

matt: I want them to see it. JC Penneys

chris: There may be an audience for the pants cam, Matt, but…hopefully not in this house. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I think it’s legal now, right? I can’t keep track of what the legislature’s doing from one day to the next…I mean this is kinda amazing – same day pick up is free at JC Penney’s.

matt: I agree, Chris.

chris: At least 13 different items that, at least according to a search engine, can be classified as a…Blue Yeti. None of which are actually manufactured by Blue Yeti.

matt: I think you’re fixated on this brand at this point. Don’t buy a boat. Don’t even buy a mic.

chris: I already have an appointment to meet this guy.

matt: This guy? This should be a company where you enter a credit card. And you get an email. And they ship it to you. Total anonymity.

chris: I don’t know. I think it’s gonna work out. I’ll probably try to figure out if I can commute to work on my Blue yeti boat.

matt: The only other idea I had was taking questions meant for celebrities and asking them to you. Any way you look at it, I’m just gonna poop out gold. You’re gonna need a $1,000 microphone.

chris: That I believe, Matt.

matt: And can prove it. We’ll just put the camera down there and I’ll be in there in my slacks.

chris: I’m willing to believe that we don’t have to go to JC Penneys to get a camera to aim at your new slacks. With free shipping, on orders over $50.

matt: I guarentee you I can bring in a larger audience that way. I just don’t know about…we’re gonna have to advertise different things.

chris: I’m not sure if I’m interested in chasing after all audiences.

matt: Like the **** audience, or the various…I don’t know man….we have the inventory, people want it, we’re not going to give it away for cheap, and someboy’s going to have to come and win it from us. Right now, I would consider us 50% inventory gone. Because we probably have that promised to JC Penneys. If not them, Belks will come calling. If not them, Dillards will come calling. If not them, TJ Maxx.

chris: I don’t know if I’m allowed to use cool for this…ya know, Belk has the Belk Bowl ad their Twitter account is kinda fun.

matt: Oh snap.

chris: Well, I gotta go solve this rubix cube but I’ll catch up with you at work tomorrow.

matt: Sounds good.

chris: Alright, later Matt.

matt: See ya.


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