Episode 39 – Setting up camp in Granville County

Matt and Chris raise a flag to Granville County.  Ville?  Vull?  Yull (Yille?) just have to listen to find out how to pronounce this county.

After a not-quite-brief aside regarding Matt’s podcast attire and the heroes of the Asheboro Mall, Matt and Chris talk with Casey, a Granville County native.  Casey reminesces about the tobacco-free school of his childhood directly adjacent to… a field of tobacco. Despite Casey’s affinity for hot sauce he unfortunately has never been to two of Granville County’s most famous festivals, the Granville County’s Hot Sauce Contest or the Butner Chicken Pickin’.

If you were missin’ some Lords Proprietors in your life than Granville County delivers with its own LP John Carteret.

Camp Butner

Unfortunately Chris did not have time to procure a brew from Tobacco Wood Brewing Company, so Matt and Chris toasted Granville County with a New England IPA Gigablaster from Aviator Brewing Company in nearby Wake County.

You can listen to this episode at:


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