Episode 20 – Trails to and from Cherokee County

Chris talks about the Qualla Boundary, colloquially known as the Cherokee reservation- despite the fact that the land that was purchased privately and not reserved by any government for the Cherokee.  Matt expresses his anger at the treatment of Native Americans during their relocation in the 1800s on the Trail of Tears.  Chris discusses the process of pumping water up to the top of a damn to store energy.  Matt admonishes Chris for mentioning other forms of media or entertainment that may distract our listener.  Matt notices the frequency with which leaders go into the woods and come up with an epiphany that starts a movement. Chris points out that “they” have in fact done a religious-themed putt-putt course.


The 10 Commandments at Fields of the Wood


Matt and Chris listen to Weezer’s Pinkerton.

Episode 19 – Lions and Tigers and Chatham County

Chris respects the Baroness.  While disavowing his belief in a corporal devil as such, Matt describes the place in Chatham County where the devil may enter the Earth. Matt dives deep into his fascination of mermaids with his own mermaid theory.

Mermaid Point sits at the confluence of Deep River and Haw River in Chatham County.

Chris questions the propriety of a Chatham County farm contest.  https://www.essaybluebirdhillfarm.com/

Matt and Chris listen to Tricky’s Maxinquaye.

You can listen to this podcast:

Episode 18 – Balls Creek and Catawba County

Chris talks about the Catawba tribe. Matt dreams about colleges and states named after him. Chris talks about being swept up by a revival.  Matt notices a famous musician from Newton.  Chris discusses the mechanics of fording a river which leaves Matt wanting to go deep into Balls Creek and its love shack.


Matt and Chris listen to Japandroids’ Celebration Rock.

Episode 17 – Caswell County

A very special guest makes his first appearance on the County Boys podcast.  Chris gets up for a hoedown.  Matt plays Hollywood Squares.  Chris talks about curing tobacco.  Everyone visits one man’s retirement hobby, a leprechaun village in Caswell County.  Matt guesses why the Dan River is named the Dan River.

A Village for Ants?

Caswell County Center for Ants Who Cant Read Good

Chris mounts up for the War of the Regulators.

Chris and Matt discuss their retirement plans.  Matt and Chris listen to A Tribe Called Quest.



Episode 16 – The Crystal Coast and Carteret County


Carteret County’s Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Matt is Craven’ for some pancakes. Chris brings it back to the Lords Proprietor. Matt picks Mugsy Bogues Banks to win it all in County Boys bracketology. Chris recalls running 200 miles to the beach. Matt pines for the pines of the forests of Carteret. Chris notes the separation of time from Jenkins losing his ear to the war over its loss.

Matt and Chris listen to Arcade Fire’s Funeral. But they should have just watched this video.



Episode 15 – Pratt, Moses, And Camden County

Matt laments not reaching the 40 under 40 in his home county, the smaller Camden county, or any county anywhere. Chris talks about the two most important people in Camden County history, neither of whom are named “Camden”. Matt breaks down the food-currency exchange rate. Chris discusses the decision to settle down in the worst real estate in the area.

Just one opportunity awaits in Camden County

Chris apologizes for not noticing on the podcast that Camden County is on twitter.  

Chris and Matt listen to the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa.

Episode 14 – William The Black and Caldwell County

Matt briefs us on French towns in North Carolina, including Le Xington, the place where bbq comes from.  Chris notices that we never talk about ghost counties. Matt plans to have a bodacious time at a (his?) bachelor party.


Chris wonders how long you have to wait before making light of a gruesome murder with a folk song.

Matt and Chris listen to Madonna’s Like a Prayer, TV on the Radio’s Return to Cookie Mountain, and GZA’s Liquid Swords.