Episode 17 – Caswell County

A very special guest makes his first appearance on the County Boys podcast.  Chris gets up for a hoedown.  Matt plays Hollywood Squares.  Chris talks about curing tobacco.  Everyone visits one man’s retirement hobby, a leprechaun village in Caswell County.  Matt guesses why the Dan River is named the Dan River.

A Village for Ants?

Caswell County Center for Ants Who Cant Read Good

Chris mounts up for the War of the Regulators.

Chris and Matt discuss their retirement plans.  Matt and Chris listen to A Tribe Called Quest.



Episode 16 – The Crystal Coast and Carteret County


Carteret County’s Cape Lookout Lighthouse

Matt is Craven’ for some pancakes. Chris brings it back to the Lords Proprietor. Matt picks Mugsy Bogues Banks to win it all in County Boys bracketology. Chris recalls running 200 miles to the beach. Matt pines for the pines of the forests of Carteret. Chris notes the separation of time from Jenkins losing his ear to the war over its loss.

Matt and Chris listen to Arcade Fire’s Funeral. But they should have just watched this video.



Episode 15 – Pratt, Moses, And Camden County

Matt laments not reaching the 40 under 40 in his home county, the smaller Camden county, or any county anywhere. Chris talks about the two most important people in Camden County history, neither of whom are named “Camden”. Matt breaks down the food-currency exchange rate. Chris discusses the decision to settle down in the worst real estate in the area.

Just one opportunity awaits in Camden County

Chris apologizes for not noticing on the podcast that Camden County is on twitter.  

Chris and Matt listen to the Pixies’ Surfer Rosa.

Episode 14 – William The Black and Caldwell County

Matt briefs us on French towns in North Carolina, including Le Xington, the place where bbq comes from.  Chris notices that we never talk about ghost counties. Matt plans to have a bodacious time at a (his?) bachelor party.


Chris wonders how long you have to wait before making light of a gruesome murder with a folk song.

Matt and Chris listen to Madonna’s Like a Prayer, TV on the Radio’s Return to Cookie Mountain, and GZA’s Liquid Swords.

Episode 12 – Fort San Juan and Burke County

Matt discuses the unit of measurement for success in his family.  Chris discusses the life’s work of an archaeologist- discovering a ditch in Burke County.  Matt opines that dinner should be the last thing to happen on a date, not the first.

Chris gets ticked off at the movie producers of Master of the World. Table Rock is near Morganton in Burke County, North Carolina, while Morgantown Pennsylvania is nowhere near any mountains, much less table rock.

Matt and Chris listen to Miranda Lambert’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Episode 11 – Gee Haw Whimmy Buncombe County

Chris and Matt discuss the etymology of the word bunk.  Sam Ashe returns to the podcast.  Matt expresses his approval of Roy Fox’s handiwork from 1920.  Chris expresses his disapproval of the licensing costs imposed on select professionals by the city of Asheville.

Chris practices the Gee Haw Whimmy Diddle.

Matt and Chris listen to Missy Elliott’s Supa Dupa Fly.

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